‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Is The Grand Priest The Real Omni-King Or Not?

The one-week hiatus for “Dragon Ball Super” is almost over. During the “rest period”, there were numerous stories that started to circulate, based on the information provided by TOEI Animation and some theories from the fans.

“Dragon Ball Super” has already introduced almost 90% of the characters that are involved the Tournament of Power. The 12 Gods are also revealed and some of their backgrounds have been identified recently. As for the fighters, the members each universe will be introduced in the in coming episodes, as stated in multiple spoilers. However, the real identity of The Grand Priest, Daishinkan is still blurry. Is Daishinkan the real Omni-King or a god?

Daishinkan, Omni-King Or A God?

There were theories from famed YouTubers and sources from reddit about the identity of The Grand Priest. TOEI Animation also shared some information, and so far, those data coincide with each other. It can be recalled that Whis called the Grand Priest, Daishinkan, her father? If Akira Toriyama did base some characters and plots in the bible, then Daishinkan is the God.

Secondly, almost all the characters in “Dragon Ball Super” has a duplicate even the Omni-King. The only person who does not have a duplicate is The Grand Priest. Right now, there are two Omni-Kings, one from the present time, and the other is from the future. The angle of the series right now on the two Omni-Kings does not sound right. If he is the God, then there should be only one Omni-King. Also, the Grand Priest is showing more traits of a god than the Omni-King.

Other fans might react negatively about the theory that was laid out by a respected source. However, fans should understand that these theories were based on clues given by TOEI Animation.

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