Overwatch News And Update: Fans Comment On Orisa's 'Perfect' Release

Blizzard has recently revealed the 24th character in their popular first-person online shooter Overwatch. The new hero comes with the name of Orisa. A female tank machine created by an AI and robotics expert Efi Oladele. Before Orisa was announced, Blizzard Entertainment released a series of teasers, which keep fans engaged and guessing regarding whose coming.

According to The BitBag, the company released a hero preview featuring Orisa's concept and her impact on the game's plot. Meanwhile, the new character is expected to arrive on the live server this coming March 21. Notably, fans notice that Orisa's release seems to be a lot faster compared to the two previous character releases made by the company.

Based on a Reddit thread on Overwatch subreddit, Blizzard's move to finish Orisa's teasers and release in a few weeks made her release perfect. The first reveal happened in February where Efi Oladele was interviewed. After that, on March 2, Orisa became available in the Public Test Region. Meanwhile, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Orisa would arrive later this month as they planned to fix her several issues first. As of March 15, the development team confirms Orisa's release on March 21.

In Ana and Sombra's case, Overwatch undeniably had a slow start releasing these characters. Ana was introduced on the PC live servers one week after her backstory teasers were revealed. However, her arrival on the console was a week later.

On the other hand, fans played along Sombra's Alternate Reality Games. This is where she left several puzzles for players to solve. Things got worse when fans expect to find out more information regarding Sombra, only to discover more ARG clues instead. Ultimately, fans got fed up after days of waiting for the countdown to finish and only getting more clues. Overall, due to the continuous time of waiting, the fans interest died definitely.

Meanwhile, Orisa is the second anchor tank alongside Reinhardt. These two are capable of holding their positions longer with their teammates. Lastly, this new character is expected to change the game's new meta since she possessed decent abilities that could cause a huge impact in the game.


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