Here's How Orisa's Arrival Affects The New Meta In Overwatch

Orisa is the new character arriving in Overwatch. This new female tank hero is currently available on the PTR for bug testing. Meanwhile, Overwatch is now filled with high-health heroes who are good at distraction such as D.Va. However, it appears that only Reinheardt offers a true fortification for allies to stay behind. Overwatch game Director Jeff Kaplan called it Anchor tanks, where they provide protection while their teammates are making plays.

Apparently, Orisa is considered as the second Anchor tank in the game but how will she be able to match the tanky German guy? For a quick recap of Orisa's abilities, she possesses the Fusion Driver as a primary weapon, which delivers consistent blows of projectiles. Her Fortify reduces the enemy's attacks and grants her immunity to crowd control. Orisa's Halt ability allows her to fire an orb of energy where it vacuums nearby enemies when detonated.

She can also deploy a Protective Barrier that blocks incoming attacks from the opposing team. Lastly, her ult is called Supercharger where she deploys a device that will boost the damage of her allies within the light of sight.

Orisa's role is similar to Reinheardt. However, she is capable of dealing consistency regarding long-range damage. In addition, her crowd control ability is far more compelling. On the other hand, Orisa is a type of tank that is dependent on her skillset. She can stay longer in battle due to her Fortify and Protective Barrier abilities. Fortify provides 50 percent damage reduction while her Barrier possessed a 900 shield health value having a 12-second cooldown.

However, the downside of Orisa is her overall health, which is a bit lower compared to her fellow frontliners. She only has a 200 base health and 200 armour. Overall, Orisa is still a decent pick for this new meta since she can deal consistent damage output while having the ability to make plays with her crowd control ability, as Redbull reported.

Furthermore, Orisa's Protective Barrier and Supercharger is far more useful since it provides space and boost to her allies. Orisa is expected to be released on the live servers anytime soon. As previously mentioned, she is available on the PTR for those players who want to try out the new Overwatch character.


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