Project Scorpio Xbox Ditches Power Brick, Will Come With 4K Game DVR Capture

By Edge Ison , Mar 16, 2017 05:12 AM EDT

The Xbox Project Scorpio from Microsoft is one of the most anticipated video game consoles to date and fans will finally get to see it at the E3 2017 or Electronic Entertainment Expo, which will be held from June 14 to 16 this year. After being kept in secret for some time, rumors and leaks are gradually trickling in with the latest indicating that Microsoft is finally ditching the Power Brick. The Xbox Scorpio is also rumored to come with 4K game DVR capture.

According to KitGuru, Microsoft will use a new design for the Xbox Scorpio. The console's power supply will now be incorporated inside the chassis. The internal power supply unit or PSU will take over the Power Brick which has long been used by Microsoft. Sony, on the other hand, has already transferred their power supply inside the chassis starting with the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft is supposedly claiming that the Project Scorpio will be a true 4K gaming console. According to Windows Central, Project Scorpio will have HEVC and VP9 codecs which will help make the highly-anticipated console a true 4K system. The codecs will decode 4K streams for Netflix and such. Xbox Scorpio will also be capable of HEVC encoding for 4k video capture at 60 frames per second (FPS).

If the Xbox Project Scorpio successfully incorporates 4K video game DVR capture, it will be easier for YouTubers to add clips to their videos. It will also deal with the problem of having to buy expensive 4K video game capture cards which are pricier than 1080p solutions.

Some are questioning if Microsoft will indeed be able to make the Project Scorpio a true 4K video game console. One person commented on the Windows Central article that it is impossible to have a true 4K console with only 6 teraflops and that, to keep 4K stable, the Xbox Scorpio needs to have 1080 Ti which is about 12 teraflops. Gaming fans will have to wait for three more months (or even earlier if the pre-E3 event does take place) before they finally know if Microsoft will ditch the Power Brick and succeed in making the Xbox Project Scorpio a true 4K console.

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