Project Scorpio Price, Pre-E3 Event Hinted By Xbox Chief

The head of Xbox discussed the much-awaited Project Scorpio and provided some clues regarding its price and other details. He also hinted at the possibility of a pre-E3 event.

Phil Spencer joined the hosts of Unlocked, a podcast by IGN, for an hour of lively discussions about what Microsoft, particularly the Xbox brand, has been up to. Among the topics talked about were a possible pre-E3 event, the E3 event's schedule, other consoles, and the price of the Xbox Scorpio, among other things.

Project Scorpio Price

While the head of Xbox did not reveal the exact price of the highly anticipated video game console, he did drop hints. He described the price as something that the company considers fair for both the product and its customers. Spencer also described the Scorpio as a "premium product" which will command a price deserving of its premium qualities. He said that the console will be a little bit more expensive than the Xbox One S which is currently selling for around $300.

Project Scorpio As A "Premium" Console

Spencer stressed that the Scorpio is not meant to take over the Xbox line which has been speculated before. As a matter of fact, the Scorpio is still under the Xbox line-up but is meant for the premium market or as Spencer described, the "premium gaming customer". These customers are those who spend lots of hours and dollars on the majority of the games.

Project Scorpio Pre-E3 Event

Game Spot reported that the 2017 E3 press conference will be held on the afternoon of June 11, Sunday, instead of Monday morning. While the Scorpio will be discussed at the E3 event, Spencer prefers to have the games be more of the focal point at the show. He did not discount the possibility of holding an event prior to the E3 press conference which will tackle more on the hardware.

The Xbox Game Pass was among the other things tackled at the podcast. Spencer mentioned that digital game subscription, which is available for $10 per month, took two to three years in development because the company wanted everything smoothed out including the technical and business aspects.

Spencer also gave his thoughts about the Nintendo Switch saying he had the opportunity to see the "impressive" handheld console up close. He commended Nintendo for the "innovative work" and for the Switch's hardware design.

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