Fire Emblem Heroes Is Upgrading Its Gameplay Mechanics Next Month

Fire Emblem Heroes will be getting some major changes next month, which will make it fall more in line with the games in the franchise. There will also be a new way to collect Hero Feathers in the game that will make it easier to level up units.

New Merit System In Fire Emblem Heroes

Kotaku reports that Nintendo has announced their upcoming update on the notification system of the game. This "April Update" will bring in some prominent changes that will further enhance the gameplay experience while giving it a more traditional Fire Emblem feel. To begin with, there will be a new "Hero Merit" system wherein units will earn merits when they are used in battle.

Once players manage to collect a good amount of merit, they can obtain some hero feathers, which can be used to upgrade and fortify characters. With this in mind, the new system will allow players to find new ways to strengthen their characters. It is also worth noting that equip-able items will also be getting some new abilities.

Permadeath And Other Ways To Fight

On the other hand, the permadeath feature will be making its way to the mobile game, as per Polygon. In the mainline franchise, units who die in combat are considered dead in the game and can no longer be used which encourages players to think twice about their actions. Now, Nintendo will be introducing a mysterious in-game event that requires tactical thinking if players want their units to survive.

That aside, Nintendo will also introduce the Defense battle wherein players must survive a number of rounds in order to win. During this mode, additional enemy reinforcements will arrive in the map, which will further increase the difficulty of the game. Finally, there will be tweaks to the Arena mode with a more balanced matchmaking system so players can enjoy fairer fights.

Fans can anticipate these new changes by next month along with some possible new characters on the way. These changes should add some new variety to the game and also act as a good incentive to those fans who have already cleared the main quests. Players can download Fire Emblem Heroes for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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