Fire Emblem Heroes Adding New Characters From 'The Blazing Blade' Installment

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a new set of heroes that all stem from a certain installment in the franchise. Meanwhile, the game's popularity contest has finally gotten its winner.

New Heroes Join The Fray

According to Siliconera, the game's official Japanese Twitter account announced six new heroes for the strategy mobile game. There will be a new Summoning focus wherein players can get heroes originating from The Blazing Blade. In line with this, the new heroes comprise of Ninian, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca, Karel and Lucius.

Along with the updated characters, the game will also be getting some new timed and Paralogue quests. Fans can use this opportunity to farm for orbs to use in summoning the new heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes Popularity Contest Winner Revealed

On a different note, Polygon reports that the game recently held a Voting Gauntlet event wherein fans could vote their favorite hero out of six characters from the series. However, it is worth noting that players did not just simply vote but also compete in a three-one-three battle with others around the world in honor of their chosen hero. The weeklong campaign has finally reached an end with the results yielding Awakening's Lucina taking the crown.

The said character seemingly had the largest fanbase along with some skillful players, as they were able to carry the princess to victory. Those who stood by Lucina will be getting a large number of Hero Feathers as a reward. Fans can use the said item to increase the stats of their characters, which will prove a big asset for future Voting Gauntlets.

Similarly, Nintendo will be giving away five free orbs in line with a Twitter campaign in celebration of Lucina's victory. If the company's announcement manages to reach 50,000 retweets, players will get their free orbs by March 14. Those who want to play Fire Emblem Heroes can download the game for free on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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