Emma Watson Is The Latest Victim Of Hacking; Alleged Private Photos Surface On The Internet

At this time and age, nobody is safe when it comes to data breach or hacking. There are laws that are already made to stop and or prevent these unlawful acts but it would be hard to catch all of them.

Emma Watson’s Private Photo Leaked

As reported hours ago, Emma Watson was the latest victim of hacking. Apparently, the hackers were able to get hold of Emma Watson’s alleged “private photos”. According to the hackers' website, this is their way to celebrate their anniversary. Emma Watson was not the only celebrity who has been hacked. A few hours ago, ”Mean Girls” star, Amanda Seyfried, started to have her photos surfaced on the internet.

Legal Case Already Created Against The Hackers

The people involved in the hacking incident are not new when it comes to exploiting celebrity pictures. Approximately two years ago, this group of hackers released a collection of celebrity's private photos. Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Kim Kardashian, and other big names have already filed a case against them. The only problem is, the celebrities do not know who to sue.

Emma Watson did the same thing. According to BBC and Daily News, Watson already contacted her representatives. The picture that was “stolen” was not hers. Watson’s lawyer stated that the picture was during one of the photoshoots before but with clothes on. The lawyers were asked about the reaction of Emma Watson when she saw the picture, but they were instructed not to comment about it. For those do not know, the British actress is a feminist.

On the other hand, Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and other celebrities who experienced the same problem should get the justice that they deserved. Regardless if the pictures were altered or not, their images are already disdained.

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