‘Haikyuu!!' Chapter 246 Spoilers: Karasuno Prepares For Spring High Nationals' Second Rounds; Romance In The Air?

By Shor M. Rae , Mar 16, 2017 12:50 PM EDT

The latest chapter of “Haikyuu!!” manga is out and it revealed the anxieties of the participating teams before the second round of the Spring High National Tournament starts. Manga creator, Haruichi Furudate also gave fans a surprise in the new chapter. It seems like love is in the air for someone from Karasuno.

The Night Before The Nationals’ Second Rounds

In “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 246, Karasuno is getting all kinds of feelings, mostly nervous, as they prepare for the next day since this is their first time reaching the second rounds of Japan Spring High National Tournament. With that said, being new challengers in the nationals, Karasuno’s team captain, Daichi Sawamura has a gut feeling that things are not going to be easy at all and everything will be unpredictable. The tensions got higher when they ran into other teams who qualified for the second rounds, as well.

To make sure that everyone is on their top form for the next match, the team members of Karasuno had the night to do whatever they want, after they went through their usual gameplay meeting and studying their opponents’ moves. While the junior members are trying to keep calm, the younger ones are meeting old friends and relaxing at the public bath. However, the two energetic players, Shoyo Hinata and Yu Nishinoya, were clearly exhausted from their first match and went to sleep early.

Ryunosuke Tanaka’s Backstory Revealed

Despite the serious mood of “Haikyuu!!” Chapter 246, Furudate has finally put in some romance after a long time. This time, it seems love is in the air for Karasuno’s wing spiker, Tanaka, as he reunites with his childhood friend, Kanoka Amanai. It appears that Kanoko has always been in love with Tanaka, but the spiker does not notice it. Now that he noticed it, Tanaka started to consider Kanoko's feelings.

When Kanako suddenly bumped into Tanaka again that night, she was about to confess her feelings for him, when her good-looking cousin popped out of nowhere. Tanaka thought that her cousin was her boyfriend, which forced him to lie about being interested in someone else.

On the other hand, fans are happy that Tanaka is finally getting the spotlight with the reveal of his backstory and having a possible love life. Fans are also hopeful that Tanaka and Kanoko will make up and continue their love story in the subsequent chapters.

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