Student Gets In Trouble For Using The Overwatch Hero Hanzo As An Insult

Overwatch fans often use the term "Hanzo main" as something of an inside joke or even an insult at times. However, one child has gotten into trouble for teasing a classmate using the aforementioned term.

Overwatch Hero Hanzo Used As An Insult

Redditor quantumfelipe has shared her daughter's latest experience at school after she got in trouble for name calling a classmate. The netizen posted the photo of the slip on Twitter which read, "Another student took her pencil and she referred to him as a 'Hanzo Main.' I have no idea what this means, however it was clearly meant as an insult."

The Redditor took the comment with a grain of salt and instead laughed at the whole fiasco with her husband. The original tweet has gone viral with over 8,705 retweets and 13,338 likes as of the moment. Furthermore, the game's official Twitter account has even responded to the tweet claiming that love where her daughter's head was at. However, they added that they do not condone name calling in any way and support players who use Hanzo.

Using Hanzo In The Game

The said character has been the target of controversy over the last few months as he is supposedly easy to use. Some players have even claimed that Hanzo takes no skill at all since he has such a large hitbox making his arrows impossible to miss, as per MMOExaminer. However, the character's actual potential lies within the player and not with Hanzo himself.

While it is true that the character has a simple kit, there are still some players who can maximize the hero's capacity which naturally takes a lot of skill. Although, since his kit and hitbox are quite beginner-friendly, many players tend to use him despite not making the most out of his abilities. The same could almost be said for fellow sniper Widowmaker who requires plenty of skill but with high rewards. Fans can play Overwatch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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