NieR Automata PC Release Worries Fans; Version Not Available To Other Region

NieR: Automata might be an underwhelming title. However, it surprisingly becomes one of the most-anticipated game releases this year. The game features a post-apocalyptic setting, which gives their players a brand new NieR experience. The game made several gamers curious regarding its overall gameplay. While the game was considered decent overall, several fans recently discovered issues regarding its PC release.

As reported, NieR: Automata PC version remains unavailable in some regions. As previously reported, NieR: Automata tweeted via their Japanese Twitter account stating that the Steam page was now live. However, several reports said that it remains inaccessible. If one goes to the Steam database page, few countries that have no purchase records of the game's PC release, thereby confirming that regions are unable to access the said game.

On the other hand, a thread on NieR subreddit page saying that these above-mentioned regions might purchase the game directly from Square Enix store. Both Steam and Square Enix stores listed the game at $60. Meanwhile, North America and Europe regions can access Nier: Automata's Steam Store page thus far. However, it would be a bit expensive, and might not even work, actually.

Based on the report, fans would not be able to receive early PC optimization reviews of the game due to the late release. Apparently, some suspects that players within these affected regions might wait for these reviews to arrive before buying the game. There are also concerns regarding NieR: Automata's settings on PC.

As recalled, fans noted that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, one of Platinum Games previous title, will be a temporary scale for the game's optimization on PC. As a result, fans are concerned that the game will have a locked maximum setting similar to Metal Gear. However, it has been confirmed by the Japanese Square Enix page that NieR: Automata will support up to 4K resolution.

Lastly, Square Enix confirmed a March 17 release date for NieR: Automata. PS4 version of the game already released all its listed regions, while PC players might have to wait a bit longer to clarify the issues on their platform.


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