Smite Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With A Special Event; Full Event Details Here

Hi-Rez's third-person free-to-play MOBA game entitled Smite will celebrate its third anniversary this coming March 25. Before the celebration, the company announced that they would be hosting a week-long event that will officially start tomorrow, March 21.

For those who are uninitiated regarding the week-long event, Hi-Rez studios has various in-game bonuses daily during a birthday event. These rewards will go live once the server hits its reset button. Among these are triple XP, cutesy avatar, free gems and more.

Meanwhile, Attack of the Fanboy reported that Hi-Rez Studios would offer double drop on log-in bonus during the event. That means players will be able to earn up to 100 gems just for logging to the game through the whole week.

On the other hand, here are the full details regarding the daily rewards that players can earn throughout the entire event's duration. On March 21, players will receive 3x boost on worshippers and 25 percent off on the Roman Pantheon Chest. The next day, March 22, a 50 percent and 25 percent off will be offered for all voice packs and Hindu Pantheon Chest respectively. On March 23, the discount continues with 50 percent off in all available Ward Skins and Avatars. Also, a 25 percent off will be offered on Greek Pantheon Chest.

On Friday, March 24, players can unlock an Enigma Chest roll for achieving each First Win of the Day. In addition, a 25 percent off on Chinese Pantheon Chest will be applied. On the following day, March 25, 2x will be applied to everything such as XP, Gold and more and a 25 percent discount on Mayan Pantheon Chest.

On March 26, players can earn 90 gems for completing all three First Wins of the Day and 25 percent discount on Norse Pantheon Chest will be activated. Lastly, Monday, March 27, will offer a Cutesy Avatar Roll on First Win of the Day. However, it is noted that it will only apply on the first win. In addition, the last day of the event will also offer 25 percent discount in all Pantheon Chests.

Smite is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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