Pokemon GO Update: Is There A Lesser Candy Drop After Using Pinap Berry?

Since the arrival of Pokémon GO Gen 2 patch, Pinap Berry rising to popularity is a bit unexpected. The fans warmly received the newest addition, and its usage rate continued to grow. Meanwhile, if Niantic decides to add this item to the shop, it will outperform every current item available. It is due to the Berry's effect that will reward a double candy drop for each successful catch.

Meanwhile, using Pinap Berry on rare Pokémon spawn is ideal especially when it has an evolution such as Chansey and others. However, Otakukart noted that several players were unable to receive the usual amount of Pokémon Candy drop for each catch even with the effect of Pinap Berry as well. Based on the report, these players supposed to gain the double amount of candy with the Pinap Berry. However, they only receive two candies per catch.

Apparently, this might just be a visual glitch, and the chances for it are very high. Furthermore, it was difficult to throw any other reason without enough evidence. For now, it is most likely just a glitch. The reason regarding the high chances of being a visual bug is that while majority of the trainers receive five candies instead of six when using the Pinap Berry some still receive the six candies nonetheless.

On other Pokémon GO news, it seems like Legendary Pokémon will be arriving soon, as Niantic confirms its arrival. Since the game was introduced, players are constantly anticipating for this moment to arrive. It is because Legendary Pokémon brings a different vibe to the game just like the previous Pokémon games.

In addition, Niantic is still quiet regarding the upcoming three major updates in the game. However, it is expected to arrive in the following weeks or months since the company is known to release surprise updates making several players left unprepared.


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