How To Maximize Pinap Berry's Rewards In Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Gen 2 patch does not only bring tons of new Pokémon to the game, it also adds two new berries namely Nanab and Pinap. However, Pinap berry is a game changer among the two, as the berry changes how and when a player should use it as reported.

As previously reported by Heavy, Pinap Berry doubles the number of candy a player could earn when capturing a Pokémon successfully. Double candy bonus when catching a Pokémon gives a lot of advantage to the players.

Otakukart mentions that it can help them quickly acquire the exact number of candies needed for evolution. Furthermore, it can also give players an extra candy for powering up if they don't need to evolve a Pokémon.

Meanwhile, players can only apply one berry at a time as of now, and it probably won't change. This is to avoid them using the Pinap berry roughly to gain a massive amount of candies. Furthermore, using both Pinap and Razzberries at the same time is not allowed. However, players can alternatively use each berries whenever a Pokémon broke out of the Pokeball.

As remembered, Pokémon GO trainers can gain three, five and 10 candies for Pokémon on their first, second and third form respectively. With the Pinap berry's effect, it now grows to six, 10 and 20 candies for each respective forms. Apparently, it would take a lot of risks upon making the decision since there is a great chance of losing a Pokémon along the way.

If it is the first time to encounter that Pokémon, it is highly recommended to use Razzberry instead of Pinap for an extra candy. However, if it is not an important spawn, players can use any berries they want.

On other news, fans are still patiently anticipating Niantic's announcement regarding the details of the upcoming three major updates. The most-anticipated updates such as Trading, PvP and Legendary Pokémon are heavily rumored. However, everything will remain unconfirmed until Niantic drops the hammer.


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