Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Options Leak, Here Are Some Characters Players Can Woo

It seems like the romance options of Mass Effect Andromeda have been leaked after a fan data mined the demo. Both the male and female character will have their respective love interests along with the bisexual romance options.

Romance In Mass Effect Andromeda

The upcoming Mass Effect game is a bold turn for the series as it includes a whole new location and takes place in a different time from the previous trilogy. However, the latest installment still keeps some traditional aspects in terms of romance as players still have the opportunity to woo various non-playable characters (NPC). While BioWare has teased a few of these characters, it seems like one fan was able to dig up a potential list of all the NPCs that players can get intimate with.

According to PlayStation Universe, one Redditor was able to mine the various relationships that the Ryder siblings can establish. To begin with, Scott can woo Cora, Doctor Charlie, Gil and possibly a character named Harry. Sara, on the other hand, can romance Suvi and Liam.

Meanwhile, the bisexual options include Vaal, PeeBee and Jaal. There is also a list of characters that either twin can possibly romance, which consists of Keri T'Vesa, Reyes and Aya Relic who might be a female Angara, as per IBTimes.

Most Characters To Romance By Far

In line with this, creative director Mac Walters previously stated that this game will have the most romance options in the entire series. Similarly, he added that these relationships also have the most depth compared to the previous relationships.

It is worth noting that the current information is still incomplete and might be incorrect. Fans will have to play the main game to find out all of the possible love interests. Mass Effect Andromeda will be arriving on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 21.

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