‘Rick And Morty' Season 3 Spoiler: Rickstaverse Expanded, Gromflomites Are Taking Over

By Dez Bryant , Mar 20, 2017 04:20 AM EDT

Perhaps the wait for "Rick And Morty" Season 3 is finally over as numerous info about certain episodes were already leaked all over the internet. The co-producer of the show, Dan Harmon, already made it a point to no longer troll its fans and apologized already.

Rickstaverse And Other Plots Exploited

For those avid fans who follows "Rick And Morty" on Instagram, plenty of info was spilled out and it is all about Rickstaverse. Arguably the most intriguing plot in the "Rick And Morty" saga was decoded. The Galactic Federation already made a decision to get hold of Rick Sanchez. Technically, the grumpy, alcoholic, reckless but genius scientist turn himself to the federation. However, for it not to happen again, the federation added Earth to the Galactic Federation.

Gromflomite General And Mr. Needful’s Pact

There were some key points that were noticed by ‘Rick and Morty’ experts. First, it seems that the other creatures in the universe were able to get along with the people on Earth. Second, it is very visible that Gromflomite is designated on top of every building. Probably the reason why the Galactic Federation made it that way so that the Gromflomite will see each and every movement by any being. Also, Gromlofite is armed with their snipers. Jessica was also spotted having a good time with an alien.

Also, Mr. Lucius Needful who is also known as the devil in ‘Rick and Morty’ will associate himself with the Prison General of the Gromflomite. Apart from Mr. Needful’s evil deeds, a certain character is missing and goes by the name Mr. Goldenfold. It is still not clear on how the eccentric mathematics teacher vanishes but it will surely be discussed on the incoming season. Lastly, the civil right leader who has his own “ministry” has overtaken every religion in "Rick and Morty."

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