‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: The Real Identity Of The Goddess Of Destruction, Jerez, Revealed!

Finally, the identity of the legendary Goddess Of Destruction, Jerez, has been decoded. According to reports, the fierce Goddess will come from Universe 2. Her identity was revealed through the efforts of “Dragon Ball Super” contributors.

"Dragon Ball Super" And The Ancient Egypt

The Clown God Of Destruction from Universe 11 might be the most intimidating in the group, but The Goddess Of Destruction is considered as the most intriguing of all. When TOEI Animation released the profile of the 12 Gods Of Destruction, fans noticed that the Gods were linked to the Ancient Egypt, particularly the Mythology. Just by looking at their physique and costumes, there is no question that Akira Toriyama intended to connect his characters to the Egyptian Gods and Rulers.

The Queen Has Arrived

The Universe 2 Goddess Of Destruction is often compared to Cleopatra, who is known to be the most beautiful ruler in ancient Egypt. Based on TOEI Animation’s official website, Jerez does not want to take part in anything that she considers ugly. Some of the theories also explained that Jerez has a narcissistic personality. However, fans should not be overwhelmed by Jerez's comparison to Cleopatra.

According to Anime Live Reactions, Jerez was not created to mimic Cleopatra. Jerez is the combination of Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti. For those who are not familiar, Queen Nefertiti is one of the Original Queens of Ancient Egypt for a long period of time. Nefertiti is also known for her compassion. She does not promote war as well.

During the last episode, Jerez was able to show the characteristics that the theories were suggesting. The Goddess Of Destruction might look strict but under her makeup lies her true kindness. It was stated that Jerez was devastated when Omni-King made the decision to destroy eight Universe in the series.

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