Pokemon GO Should Apply These Changes To The Upcoming Gym Redesign

By Alessia Amherst , Mar 21, 2017 05:15 AM EDT

In light of the recent gym changes in Pokémon GO, here are some things Niantic should include to further enhance the game. On the other hand, will the changes come much sooner than expected?

Changes That Should Be In The Gym Rehaul

According to Forbes, the mobile Pokémon title will be getting some major changes this year. Aside from the added Gen 2 monsters and the upcoming inclusion of legendary monsters, Niantic will also be revamping the gym system. While they have yet to share any information about what exactly they will change, there are a few things they could work on.

To begin with, gyms should be reduced to six Pokémon each as fighting a large number of monsters is a bit difficult at times. Not all players have organized teams so not everyone would be able to take down gyms with a roster of 10 Pokémon. Similarly, Niantic should also work on banning duplicate monsters in gyms as it takes away from the diversity factor of the game. For example, one gym would contain multiple copies of Gyarados and Dragonite just for the sake of having the "strongest" monsters.

On the other hand, Niantic should also try bringing back turn-based combat as the super simple tap and dodge mechanic is one reason why gyms feel quite lackluster. If the mobile title would adopt at least a bit of combat from the mainline series, it would no doubt make for an interesting system. Fire Emblem Heroes was able to streamline the core mechanics from the mainline franchise so it would be fitting for GO to do the same.

Latest Pokémon GO Update On The Way?

That aside, Daily Star reports that YouTuber Trainer Tips recently uploaded a video of Nick's surprise visit to Niantic's office in San Francisco. There, he met with a Pokémon representative who told him that they were working on the next feature for the mobile game. It is worth noting that at the time, game designer Junichi Masuda was actually down in San Francisco working on a project.

Later in the day, he tweeted that "the work is finally done in San Francisco" meaning they are working on something big for the game. As fans know, the gym rehaul is the next major update meaning that they might be close to finally completing to update. However, Niantic nor Nintendo have yet to comment regarding this as of now.

For now, fans will have to wait for further updates regarding the new features heading to Pokémon GO. Those who want to play the mobile game can download it for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store

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