Sony To Discontinue Production Of PlayStation 3 In Japan And India

Sony PlayStation 3 has been on the market since 2006 and while the firm made good on its 10th-year plan, it looks like its closing time is finally coming. Sony's PS3 marked as the next stage in gaming console for the company and had an impressive run, with a record of 85 million units sales as of March 2016. However, a report coming from Japan said that Sony is officially ending the production of the PlayStation 3.

As reported by Gadgets 360, the official PlayStation Japan website said that the “shipments (of the PlayStation 3) are scheduled to end soon” which is the only remaining units in production in Japan. Although the exact date is not yet revealed, a retailer in Japan confirms in a tweet that it received notification that the whole production of the console will end this month. “We haven’t received any PS3 stock since November, and the demand hasn’t been there either. Not for the console nor the games,” said an independent game store owner based in Delhi. said that Sony's console is due for scheduled completion very soon. However, so far there's been no official word on whether or not production will be discontinued in the U.S. or in the Europe. And as for Sony India, several stores have confirmed that Sony's 500GB PS3 has been unavailable for the better part of a year. On the other hand, the 12GB variant of the console has also been tough to get a hold of.

Remember that Sony had previously ended the sales and production of its PlayStation 2. The firm also killed its last remaining online servers in April of last year, producing the end making of the console in 2012, which is approximately ten years after its first-ever release. The whole ten years of Sony's PlayStation 3 is actually a good run for a console, considering that Nintendo also dumped the Wii U once the all-new Switch arrived.


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