Mass Effect Andromeda Fans Criticising Game For Underwhelming LGBT Romance Scenes

Members and supporters of the LGBT community have voiced their disinterest over how Mass Effect Andromeda handled their same-sex intimate encounters. On the other hand, some players are revolting over the fact that Cora is a straight woman.

Fans Criticize Mass Effect Andromeda For Lackluster LGBT Scenes

According to Stevivor, some fans are complaining that Andromeda's take on LGBT romance scenes is lackluster compared to the heterosexual ones. In line with this, the gay relationship between Scott Ryder and Gil ends with both men laying on the bed shirtless after doing the deed. On the other hand, Scott and Cora have a more passionate scene that showcases the two characters actually copulating together.

One netizen has noted that Cora's scene and even Peebee's casual romance was magic while the gay intimate encounter was just a "kiss and throw to bed naked" scene. On the other hand, another netizen noted how the queer romance got the "rushed fade to black" treatment while the hetero relationships got all the action.

It is also worth noting that Scott cannot romance any members of his fireteam as none of them identify as queer. Sara Ryder, on the other hand, can court two of her six squadmates.

Cora Harper Under Fire For Being Straight

Incidentally, the character Cora Harper has recently under fire from fans for being a straight character, as per Heat Street. These players believed that she was actually queer because of her unique haircut, which is supposedly part of "queer code." With this in mind, it is evident how sexuality plays a major role in BioWare's games.

However, the developers have yet to respond to any of the ongoing controversies surrounding their latest game. Fans will just have to continue waiting for a possible response from BioWare. Until then, fans can play Mass Effect Andromeda on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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