‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: Goku's New Form, Jiren The Gray's Origin

Finally, after two weeks of waiting, TOEI Animation released episode 82 and it is epic, to say the least. There were a lot of things that unfolded on that episode and one of them is Toppo’s statement regarding the strongest fighter in Universe 11.

Toppo Is Not The Strongest Fighter From Universe 11

When TOEI Animation originally introduced Toppo, the Leader of The Pride Trooper was built as the strongest fighter in their Universe. Toppo was also considered as a candidate for being the newest God Of Destruction. However, with the event that had happened in episode 82, those things are down the drain. After their match, Goku went to congratulate and talk to Toppo. The only problem is, Toppo doesn’t want to be associated with Goku whom the multiverse considers as evil.

Jiren The Gray

Goku thought that Toppo was the strongest fighter from Universe 11. Toppo surprised Goku when he mentioned that he is not the strongest fighter in their Universe but his sworn friend, Jiren The Gray. This is the first time that the name Jiren was mentioned in “Dragon Ball Super”. For those who aren’t familiar with Jiren, he is not only the right hand of the Pride Trooper but also the strongest.

Goku’s New Form

Based on “Dragon Ball Super” opening theme, Jiren The Gray can easily read, detect and deflect Goku’s attack regardless if Goku is in his ultimate form. Jiren is also a physical specimen which power is absolutely limitless. Goku, on the other hand, is hiding something from the multiverse. Fans notice that Goku can use or transform kaioken with ease and everybody wants to know his limits. Well, as per “Dragon Ball Super” contributors, Goku’s final form is a combination of Super Saiyan God(red) and a dynamic which is considered evil by multiverse.

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