Android 7.1.2 Nougat Beta 2 Is Coming To Solve Google Phone Problems

On Monday, Google began rolling out Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta 2 to all developers, which is available for Google Pixel and Nexus smartphone devices. Released in just late January, the second beta version of Google's Android 7.1.2 Nougat will soon be available for smartphones such as Pixel and Nexus devices. Unlike the first release, Google phone Nexus 6P will be included in the initial update for the upcoming OS as well as its second maintenance release.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the release of the Nougat Beta 2 focuses on refinements. Google's Android 7.1.2 features various bug fixes, optimizations and some enhancements for both carriers as well as the users. All devices that will have this update will carry the same NPG47I build number. The devices will also feature the March security patch that was released by the firm.

Just like the Google Pixel and Nexus 5X, some reports are claiming that the Nexus 6P has finally a fingerprint gesture, too.As of now, Google has yet to post regarding the release notes or any leaked images for the latest update. More likely, a public release will happen in the coming days or weeks for the current Google Pixel as well as Nexus smartphone devices, with Android 7.1.2 also being released to AOSP simultaneously for OEMs to begin preparing updates for their devices.

Common Problems On Google Phones

According to Dan Graziano, an editor from CNET, after using Nexus phones and experienced back-to-back problems, he won't be buying Google Pixel anytime soon. Graziano started to use the Galaxy Nexus all the way through its final series Nexus phone device which is the 6P. He owned three of the Google's latest and flagship smartphones. Not like other Android smartphones, Google's Nexus came with an unskinned, no crapware version of the OS and considered as the first Android devices to get software updates.

"I really wanted a Pixel, but I couldn't in good conscience justify it. My Nexus 6P was still a more than capable device. But when my 6P suddenly died, I began to question whether I should purchase a Google phone at all," said Graziano. The second beta update of Android Nougat will feature and include app shortcuts, image keyboard support and much more. This pre-release version of Android Nougat may still contain errors, defects and problems that can affect the normal functioning of the device. However, Google hopes that problems of the users, such as Graziano, of Google phones will be solved.


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