Chrome 57 Update Throttle Background Tabs To Reduce Power Consumption

Chrome is a freeware web browser developed and owned by Google. The first released of Google Chrome is only for Microsoft Windows in 2008. It was later ported to other operating systems such as in Linux, MacOS, iOS as well as in Android.

Chrome 57 Update Throttle Background Tabs

Today, Google announced Chrome 57 which includes a new CPU throttling feature that will lead to 25 percent fewer busy background tabs. According to MacRumors, Google Chrome's version 57 help reduce overall power consumption. Throttling background tabs by restraining Javascript timers is the newest attempt by Google to improve the reputation of the browser.

Javascript timers are usually used by social media networks and news sites in order to update web page content in tabs. This process uses up valuable CPU cycles that may affect power consumption. With Chrome 57, it will delay timers in each background tabs especially if their power usage oversteps the capping limit. However, tabs that play video, audio or use anything that uses real-time connections won't be affected.

Users can now download Chrome 57 for Mac users. Other users can update their browser by selecting Chrome Preferences on the menu bar and click the About option. For those users who downloads Google Chrome for the first time will automatically get the updated version. Also, an update for the iOS version of the browser app has also been released with a new Read Later selection.

Google Chrome, The Most Popular Desktop Browser

Google Chrome has loads of advantages over the rival browsers. As reported by Net Applications, a market research firm, Google Chrome is the most popular browser around the world. At the last count conducted by the research team, Chrome’s global market share is at 58.53 percent in February, up slightly from the 57.94 percent in the previous month.

The number two desktop browser in the world, the Microsoft Internet Explorer, dropped about half a point to 19.17 percent. While Firefox goes downward to 11.68 percent and remains to be in the third spot, according to BGR. Releasing Chrome 57 might be a good move for Google to be on top and to help consumers to stay using their services.


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