This Candy Glitch In Pokemon GO Needs To Be Fixed Soon

Recently, several Pokémon GO players noticed that Pinap Berry did not seem to be functioning as expected. Though they are still receiving the exact number of candies during a successful catch, however, the number seen on the display screen does not appear to match. Apparently, Niantic already knows that a certain bug has caused the current issue.

Pokémon GO Gen 2 patch has been around for a while now, where it brings tons of new contents including the Pinap Berry. These special type berries are designed to grant players a double candy drop for every successful catch. However, recently, players are seeing some issues regarding the amount of candy drop using Pinap Berries.

According to Game Rant, Niantic stated that players are still awarded the right amount of Pokémon candies. However, a typographical error has caused this current visual bug where it does not display the number of candies correctly. The company also added that the glitch would not affect the inventory system. That means players should not worry about any setbacks on the candies received.

Currently, Niantic is working on a fix to attend the visual bug present in-game. Unfortunately, this glitch might cause some players to believe that Pinap Berry is a waste of inventory space. Perhaps, they might assume that Pinap Berries won't do anything and ended up throwing them to make room in their bags.

Overall, it is just a minor issue compared to other bugs that continue to bother several Pokémon GO players. On the other hand, players are still experiencing GPS drifting bug, which causes their avatars to walk without them physically walking. Furthermore, there are also some cases of their avatar appearing to other parts of the world. This causes the game to be unplayable for those affected players.

Meanwhile, Pokémon GO will have three major updates arriving this year. As of today though, players are still patiently waiting for Niantic's official announcement regarding these upcoming major patches.


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