Niantic Explains Why Trading Was Delayed; Hints On Future Developments And More

Since Pokémon GO arrived at the public during last year's summer, fans are greatly anticipating the addition of Trading Feature. This system is considered as the core element of the franchise similar to the other known feature. With Niantic recently confirming its arrival this year, fans are undeniably hyped about the news.

Meanwhile, Niantic technical artist David Hollin discussed the number of events from Pokémon GO's history and its future during his talk at the Animation On Display convention. The most notable details that Hollin mentioned was about the delayed release of Trading and how they are going to build the future features of the game.

For a quick recap of Hollin's background, he started working at Niantic two years ago. Hollin was then assigned to the User Experience and prototyping while working with both art and engineering teams. In addition, he is the one in charge for the addition of AR mode and camera since he was the one who is the originator of the idea.

Pokémon GO Hub reported that the upcoming Trading feature is currently under development. However, the developers are taking their time releasing it. Hollin said that they are afraid to launch Trading mainly because of the spoofers and bots everywhere. Furthermore, he also noted that it is preferable for the Trading Feature to have a similar function to classic Pokémon games, where it is limited to people standing next to each other.

Aside from the Trading Feature, Hollin also confirmed an integration of various spawns based on the time of the day. Players can witness this with recent reports regarding the Nocturnal Pokémon in the game. Unfortunately, Hollin refused to drop his comment about the addition of Shiny Pokémon although the APK datamining reveals another part of the story.

Overall, Niantic has lots of plans for Pokémon GO as the game evolves moving forward. For now, it is highly recommended for players to wait for Niantic's official word.


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