Overwatch Update 1.9 Is Now Live Featuring Orisa; Here's The Patch Notes Highlights

After several weeks of waiting for Overwatch's brand new update to arrive, Blizzard Entertainment finally uploaded the update to the live servers for players to experience the recent in-game changes. The update 1.9 brings the new hero Orisa to the game. However, it is reported that she has been temporarily disabled in the Competitive mode to give players some time to learn the new hero.

According to VG247, Orisa will be accessible in Competitive mode on March 28. Aside from the new hero, there are several changes made in the game including the nerf on support hero Ana and more.

As seen in the patch notes, Ana's Biotic Rifle receives a damage reduction from 80 to 60. Bastion now takes 20 percent damage while in Configuration, either Tank or Sentry, from the last 35 percent. On the other hand, Junkrat's explosion can no longer inflict damage on him and lastly, Sombra's hacked health pack can now be seen by players through walls, while her Translocator cooldown has been reduced from six to four seconds.

Winston's Barrier Projector's cooldown now begins when it starts instead of when it ends. His fellow tank hero Zarya also receives some tweaks on her abilities. Zarya's Particle Barrier no longer grants her knockback immunity, while her Projected Barrier can no longer protect her allies from knockbacks. Lastly, Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction now grains reduced Alternate fire cooldown from one to 0.6 seconds. Additionally, the weapon spread has been scratched.

Overwatch Update 1.9 also includes several bug fixes such as the visual bug that keep players from seeing their current medals during the setup phase between rounds. A known bug where players respawn in the opposing team's respawn room after being jammed against a car by an enemy Reinheardt in the Oasis map is now fixed. Meanwhile, it is noted that the fixes mentioned above are just highlights on the patch notes of the newest Overwatch patch.


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