Ford Equips Mustang And F-150 With The Pedestrian Detection System

By Rodney Rafols , Mar 22, 2017 04:43 AM EDT

Safety is a concern that most car manufacturers seriously consider. Safety is a priority even in such muscle cars like the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang and F-150 gets into safety with their Pedestrian Detection System.

The Pedestrian Detection System from Ford isn't new. What is new with it though is that it is adding night vision technology into it. This gives it an improved safety feature, as pedestrian accidents are more likely to happen at night when vision is limited for the driver.

Safety is necessary especially when driving a fast and powerful car such as the coming 2018 Ford Mustang. The 2018 Mustang together with the F-150 would be getting the improved Pedestrian Detection System first. Ford research has shown that 20 percent of pedestrian accidents happen. Half of those accidents occur at night.

For the improved Pedestrian Detection System, radar would be mounted on the front bumper. A camera on the front windshield would further help in pedestrian detection. Together the system would be able to help in determining the objects in front of the vehicle and differentiate people from other objects, according to Auto World News.

A warning is emitted once an impending collision is detected. Audible and visual warnings are given, and the system will automatically hit the brakes. This system has already been used to prevent collisions with other vehicles. Now it would be used as well to prevent pedestrian accidents, per autofocus.

The improved Pedestrian Detection System has been developed with Ford's European division. The system will see its first use in North America with the 2018 Mustang and F-150. Its European debut will see it being used for the coming Ford Fiesta.

The system has been tested by using crash test dummies being put into the path of vehicles that have it. The tests have been done in Amsterdam and Paris. To help in differentiating pedestrian, the system has a database of pedestrian shapes in order to help in letting it see people especially at night.

Safety has become a concern for many car manufacturers. Ford is leading the way with an improved Pedestrian Detection System which would be able to detect people at night. Porsche also has digital services that give features to its customers as well as raise revenues.

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