Pokemon GO Water Festival Event: Everything Players Need To Know

Niantic's augmented reality game Pokémon GO receives a brand new in-game event. The Water Festival Event is expected to bring increased spawn in all Water-type Pokémon in the game. This brand new event is the first since the game hosted Valentine's Day last month. It should please Pokémon GO's community for Niantic's effort on keeping them engaged.

According to Game Rant, Pokémon GO's Water Festival Event will officially start today at 1 PM PDT/ 4 PM ET and will end on March 29 at the same time. The report said that Water-type Pokémon such as Magikarp, Totodile and Squirtle will be more likely to spawn frequently in all parts of the world. Additionally, all of the respective evolutions of these adorable water type Pokémon also receive a massive increase in spawn rate.

Niantic stated that if players explore particular areas where there's a common spawn of Water-type Pokémon, they will have a greater chance to encounter these Pokémon. In addition, they also teased the most wanted Lapras encounter.

Aside from the increased spawn, Niantic says that players can own a new customization item for their avatars. Based on the report, players can equip a Magikarp Hat to show their affection on the Water-type Pokémon. Though some think that releasing another exclusive Pikachu wearing a hat would be much better, however, many players agree that it is ideal for Niantic to continue the trend of this limited, themed headpiece.

On the other hand, the Water Festival Event is not considered as a significant addition to the game. It is safe to assume that this is not included in the three major updates coming to the game. However, it is noted that mini-timed event like this is still essential to keep players engaged while waiting for more major patches to arrive soon.


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