Pokemon GO APK V0.59.1 Datamining: What's New In The Game Code?

A brand new Pokémon GO APK has been released recently. Thankfully, some players are dedicated to exploring the brand new game file. As a result, the majority of the fans get a glimpse of what has changed to the game's source code.

In previous reports, datamining is considered as one of the reliable sources on hinting what is coming to the game in its future updates. Meanwhile, here are some of the important details about the recent datamined codes in Pokémon GO.

One of the discoveries in the last Pokémon GO APK reveals some changes in the game's environment, particularly in the sky. The report says that both day and night skies have been reworked. However, there are no further details regarding the moving sun in the game. The most notable change at the moment is the richer day sky and a more high-res night sky.

Redeemable passcodes were also discovered from the latest game file. Unfortunately, dataminers are still figuring out what these passcodes could bring, although there are some theories made. One of these is that they will somehow function as coupons to players for redeeming several in-game items.

On the other hand, dataminers noted some changes made regarding the new state of PokeStops. These changes enable PokeStops to enter in either inactive or active state. However, there are few details regarding this feature as of now.

With the increasing population in Pokémon GO, it seems like Niantic is finding a way to regulate each of their player's actions especially when creating a nickname. The report said that the company is finding ways to ban inappropriate nicknames in the game quickly.

Lastly, there are also few notable changes made on the latest patch such as the in-game throw mechanics and PokeDex Buttons, which point out directly to the Shiny button. This button is dedicated for the latest Shiny Pokémon that is now available in the game.


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