Super Mario Run Android Version Gets An Early Release; Details Here

Nintendo finally released the Android version of Super Mario Run earlier than expected as the game is now available on the popular mobile platform. The game was initially planned for a March 23 release. However, the company already launched the game a few hours earlier than fans projected.

For those who are new to the game, Super Mario Run features the iconic character Mario and his friends such as Yoshi, Princess Peach and Toadette. They are going to pass through levels collecting coins while dodging tons of obstacles. Meanwhile, the game also offers a Multiplayer mode where players can go against each other competing for high scores. Additionally, they can also build their kingdoms, allowing others to showcase their creations, as Game Rant reported.

Though the game looks positive on paper, however, it still received mixed reviews when it debuted on iOS last December. Based on the report, some critics were not pleased on the game's transition from the consoles to smartphones. Meanwhile, other players are disappointed to the fact that the game needs an internet connection plus its hefty price tag.

Super Mario Run is free from the start, which features several levels, but for players to progress, they need to purchase the game for $9.99. Thankfully, Nintendo made some recent changes to the game adding an extra free level, which now totals to four. However, things remain unclear whether players would be satisfied considering the game's high price.

Additionally, it is also uncertain if Super Mario Run will have similar success on Android. While it is not Pokémon GO, the game still had a great run on iOS. The game records $14 million in its first three days setting an App Store download record. The result is not too cluttered considering that Nintendo is fresh to the mobile world.

Overall, Super Mario Run still generated some hype on Android before its release, which might be a factor leading to its success. However, only time will tell regarding the game's future in the mobile world.


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