Overwatch: Fans Criticize Orisa's Secondary Fire Animation; Additional Details About The New Hero So Far

The brand new Overwatch hero Orisa is now officially out and players are starting to learn how to use the character effectively during battles. However, several concerns are rising recently about Orisa's Secondary Fire Animation. Some players said that they are experiencing lag or connectivity issue once the pull effect happens.

On a Reddit thread, fans criticized the animation effect on the new hero's secondary fire saying that the way they are struck seems uncomfortable. Additionally, some players have noted that the pull effect of the Halt ability lags and does not have specific screen effect when it hits. Others also felt that the pull effect is like a delay pulling them back to their previous location. As a result, it leaves players confused whether the drag effect is caused by Orisa's Halt or the connection issues.

For a quick recap, Orisa's secondary fire is called Halt. It allowed Orisa to shoot a ball of energy where she can reactivate and pull enemies together within a particular area. Halt is an excellent crowd control tool for an ultimate combo with allies or just pulling an enemy out of cover. It is also noted that Orisa's Halt orb is hardly noticeable. As a result, its gentle tug is great for a quick kill by throwing enemies off pitfalls.

Currently, Blizzard has not issued any official statement regarding the issue on Orisa's Halt animation. As of the moment, her fast projectile and nearly undetected presence are causing trouble to the players. Perhaps, the developers will add an electric buzzing or crack sound effects as it travels for players to identify an incoming Halt orb.

On the other hand, Orisa is now unlocked, and players can play the new hero in Competitive Play. The reason for the slight delay is that the developers wanted to give players time to learn the hero before using it in ranked matches. During Orisa's time on the test server, she was regularly picked not only because she was a new, but also due to her reliable kit.


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