Overwatch Update: Mei's Annoying Bug Makes The Players Suffer

It appears that the Overwatch community has been suffering recently. It is due to the newly-found bug on one of the game's character. The reports mention that the adorable Chinese hero Mei has a new bug regarding its ultimate ability. Bugs and glitches in-game are inevitable especially when a new update arrives. Overwatch has been plagued by several bugs previously. Though it is not a game changing bug, however, it still annoys the players.

According to Gamingbolt, those who are frequently using Mei might already encounter this new glitch. One Reddit user discovered the new bug describing it as irritating. As mentioned above, it is connected to Mei's Ultimate ability. It is said that when Mei activates her ultimate, it sometimes disappears entirely from the map even in the spectator mode. The user said that the progress would reset back to 0 percent with no ultimate seen on the map.

Based on the number of upvotes and comment on the Reddit thread, it appears that several players have also encountered a similar issue. It was explained that the bug happened a few times already in-game. Furthermore, there is no D.Va present in the game. That means her Defence matrix did not absorb the ult.

It might be a positive bug to all players who dislikes Mei's ult. However, it is a bit sad for those who mains the character. Ultimately, it will most likely be fixed soon similar to other reported bugs previously. However, no comments coming from Blizzard were heard at the moment. Players are highly recommended to wait for Blizzard's official statement regarding this issue.

On other Overwatch news, the Quick Pace of Assault Maps on PTR are causing some concerns from the community recently. Some players said that it is a bit unfair for those team who were not able to hold 1 percent. Additionally, they also said that the team should have a higher comeback ratio. Overall, players are hoping that the devs would re-consider this flaw when it arrives at the live servers.


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