WWE Diva Scandal: Summer Rae Is The Latest Victim Of Hacking, Paige Is Still In Distraught

Paige's current situation should be a lesson not only to WWE but to everybody. The only problem is, the warning that was presented seems to be a little late already as one of the WWE divas is again attacked by the hackers.

Summer Rae’s Private Photo Also Leaked

This WWE Diva might not be bigger than Paige but she is still quite popular in the WWE Universe. Summer Rae became famous when she was paired with the Dancing Superstar, Fandango. Summer Rae then went to make a name for herself competing in a single’s competition. The 33-year-old diva also made a pact with the notorious Team B.A.D which composes of Naomi and Tamina. Unfortunately, Summer Rae was sidelined due to a knee injury.

Right now, Summer Rae is again making some noise due to some of her private photos that were hacked and shared through various adult websites. The WWE Diva immediately answered those allegations and Summer Rae is defiant stating that the photos are not authentic. However, some of the experts in photography checked the authenticity of the picture and almost all of them agree that the pictures leaked was never tampered. If this is true, WWE again is facing another setback which might lead to them being more strict on their talents.

Hackers On The Loose

Two days ago, WWE was stunned when their current talents(Paige and Xavier Wood) and former General Manager Brad Maddox was involved in a racy video. None of them denied the allegations but all of them did say sorry on what had happened. As stated, Paige and her family are still in the state of shocked but the Bevis family is already making some legal actions. The hackers who made the unlawful act is not yet identified. There are rumors that the hackers who did it were actually the same hackers who released the bombshell site wherein multiple celebrities are in.

Hopefully, these hackers will be captured immediately as they’ve brought enough scrutiny already to the celebrities.

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