The Probability Of Keira Knightley In Another Pirate Movie

Love Actually director Richard Curtis had no idea how brilliantly the cast of the hit film would do over the years, just as Kiera Knightley had no clue about 'pirate thing' that she was about to star in.

Curtis Recalls the Success Of Love Actually

According to Cosmopolitan, the mini-sequel to the 2002 romantic comedy a.k.a. Red Nose Day Actually is coming and is almost up for an official release, and the director of the original movie has looked back with much fondness, saying that a lot of things have stayed the same, as well as saying that at the same time, many things have changed as well.

"It's been a delight just how brilliantly the cast have done over the years. When we first shot the film, I remember Keira [Knightley] saying that her next project was 'some pirate thing - which was, in her own words, probably a disaster,'" Curtis said in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan.

He continued by saying that the pirate movie turned out to be Pirates Of The Caribbean. Curtis also shared that Liam Neeson still possesses the coat which they used when they first filmed him.

New Movie To Celebrate Love Actually's Success

According to The Daily Mail, Curtis has just penned the new script in celebration for Red Nose Day, but also admitted that he had to undergo editing for quite a lot because it could potentially turn into a feature-length follow-up, which, he thinks, nobody wanted.

The Likelihood of Knightley On Another Pirate Movie

Curtis also disclosed about the possibility of Kiera Knightley appearing in another Pirate film, saying that since Pirate of the Carribean was a major success, there would be no doubt in his mind that Knightley will indeed consider playing another role for a Pirate movie, which would most likely be another pirate of the Caribbean film.

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