Justice League Update: Henry Cavill Leaks Out Green Lantern Details

The DC Cinematic Universe and their fans are all hyped up for the upcoming Justice League movie. However, most fans have noticed that one iconic member of the said superhero team has been conspicuously absent. Since the official trailer of the movie was released, there hasn't been any news if Green Lantern will appear in the movie.

Superman Spills The Beans About Green Lantern

On the other hand, a DC hero seems to give hints about the appearance of Green Lantern. Henry Cavill, who plays the man of steel, Superman, shares that he is increasing his workout not only as a rehab from his recent knee injury but also to become bigger than Green Lantern.

According to Cinema Blind, Henry Cavill's recent Instagram post says that he is working hard because he wants to make sure that he will be bigger than Green Lantern. Cavill's Post sparked speculations from DC fans, saying that the only way for Cavill to compare his physique to Green Lantern is to have the latter present in the movie.

Speculations Of Green Lantern's Appearance

With that said, many fans are now speculating who will play the role of Green Lantern? Fans speculate if it will be either Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Speculations also suggest Cavill's post may also mean that Superman will be sharing a screen with Green Lantern at some point in the future, which is why he needs Superman to be physically fit when it happens.

According to CBR.com, Henry Cavill is not saying anything that he is not supposed to. He is ver much aware of the consequences that he may face if he said something about the appearance of Green Lantern that even Warner Bros. wasn't ready to reveal as of the moment.

Nonetheless, fans are now expecting a major announcement regarding Green Lantern in the near future.

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