This Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Egg Might Be Paying Homage To The Dark Knight

Mass Effect Andromeda contains plenty of easter eggs that not only allude to its predecessors but also different franchises. Similarly, one fan might have found a certain reference to the iconic Dark Knight film.

The Dark Knight In Mass Effect Andromeda?

According to Twinfinite, Redditor Mazorr was gazing around the desert in Elaaden when they looked up and noticed a familiar sight. The various buildings around the area seem to make up the familiar symbol used in the Dark Knight trilogy. However, it is still unsure if this symbol is an actual easter egg or just pure coincidence since the symbol does not exactly match the same one in the film.

In line with this, many netizens had a heated exchange in the post regarding whether it was legit or not. One Redditor noted how it looks far too perfect to be a coincidence. On the other hand, another user claimed that the design was merely by chance but it was still "damn cool" nonetheless.

Other Easter Eggs In The Game

Keep in mind that this is not the only easter egg in the game as another one hints at Liara T'Soni's audio logs that are set between the second and third game in the franchise, as per WhatCulture. Incidentally, players can also find the phrase "C-137" in the game that might simply seem like random numbers. Although, this phrase actually pays homage to the animated show, Rick and Morty, as "C-137" acts as a sign to tell which timeline is which.

Meanwhile, longtime BioWare fans will be pleased to hear that the iconic space hamster returns to Andromeda. Players can easily catch one by crafting a mouse trap then putting it on display in their room. Unfortunately, fans do not have the ability to name their new pet "Boo."

With all of this in mind, Mass Effect Andromeda contains more easter eggs scattered through the vast reaches of space. Players can discover these by simply exploring and taking their time to observe their surroundings. Those who want to play Mass Effect Andromeda can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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