Mass Effect Andromeda: Former Animator Reveals Reason Behind Awkward Visuals

One former Mass Effect Andromeda animator finally breaks the silence on the ongoing animation issues. Meanwhile, one makeup artist was shocked to discover her work was actually in the game.

Former Animator Comments On Mass Effect Andromeda

Former animator Jonathan Cooper was not only the animation director for Assassin's Creed 3 but also for the first two Mass Effect games in the franchise. In line with this, he took to social media to try and comment on the ongoing issues surrounding the latest game in the series - specifically the awkward facial animations.

He recently tweeted that the encounters in the Uncharted games are actually more controlled due to its wide yet linear world, as per Polygon. On the other hand, role-playing games (RPGs) include so much more content, especially in terms of player/story choice. With this in mind, there is a sort of quantity vs quality factor going on.

An example of this is designers usually work with pre-created sequences similar to how DJ's have samples and tracks. They generate an algorithm to create a baseline quality sequence for those low-quality scenes. From there, the animation team will then modify and smooth out these parts or scenes but Cooper noted that Andromeda failed to do this.

He claimed that the development team might have underestimated the overall task despite the five-year development cycle. In short, it seems like BioWare might have run out of time for all of the plans they had in mind for the game. This specific problem has been plaguing most AAA games over the past few years now, which, in turn, end up shelling out very buggy, incomplete and underwhelming titles.

Lipstick Trend Makes Its Way To The Game

That aside, Game Revolution reports that makeup artist Andrea Reed was the one responsible for starting the pixelated lip design known as "Defragmentation" back in 2009. Her style actually made it into Andromeda without her knowing as EA nor BioWare had contacted her about this.

Even so, she admitted that her art has spread even towards Pinterest where people often go to find inspiration. Other game developers have also found various concepts on the internet, which they integrated into their game. Those who want to play Mass Effect Andromeda can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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