Diablo 3 Guide: Everything About Legendary Gems

If the players want to be victorious and powerful in Diablo 3, they need to have legendary gems to help them in their journey. However, they should know that the corresponding gems should be suitable with their skills to become more effective.

Get The Legendary Gems In Diablo 3

It is the best time to acquire legendary gems in the game since season 10 has not yet started. The gems will boost their abilities in Diablo 3. First, Bane of Stricken can increase the damage on the enemies by 0.80 percent. Also, if they are facing bosses from Greater Rifts, their damage will raise to 25 percent but they should be at level 25 first.

One of the popular gems in Diablo 3 is Bane of the Trapped. It will give the players an aura that will decrease the enemies' speed by 30 percent. Bane of the Powerful will give them an increase of 20 percent damage 30 seconds after killing an elite pack in Diablo 3.

Pain enhancer legendary gem will let their enemies bleed by 2500 percent. If their enemies are within 20 yards, their Attack Speed will be increased by three percent by gaining Blood Frenzy, according to Segment Next. Zei's Stone of Vengeance will let the players deal with the damage by four percent within 10 yards and will reach 20 percent if the enemies are within 50 yards, while increasing their chances to Stun their enemies by one second at 20 percent.

Gogok of Swiftness will increase their attack speed by one percent and dodge by 0.50 percent that will last up to four seconds. The effect can be used up to 15 times. In addition, their cooldown will be reduced by one percent. If players like to use cold into their skills, then Iceblink is for them. With Iceblink, players can use Chill as it slows down enemy movement by five percent and increases the chance of Critically Hit by 10 percent. Taeguk is best used when they use a resource to attack an enemy as it can increase damage by two percent that will last up to 1.5 seconds.

Esoteric Alteration gem can grant players additional 10 percent for non-Physical damage reduction. When their health is under 50 percent, they can still survive against Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison and Arcane by 75 percent.

Lastly, Gem of Efficacious Toxin can add poison to the weapons used against the enemies by 2000 percent within 10 seconds. It will also give them additional 10 percent to increase their damage and they can compromise lesser damage by 10 percent.

Something New In Diablo 3, Thanks To Patch 2.5.0

As per GameSpot, another rare item that players can get in the game are the new armors for their characters. They can now have up to five builds that can make their change of gears, skills and gems easily compared before.

Other than that, crafting materials will not occupy big inventory space because the developer has allotted a designated area for them. Blizzard has also added the Armory feature in Diablo 3, which has been requested by players for quite some time now.

With the help of patch 2.5.0 in Diablo 3, they will not be having a hard time using the legendary gems that they have already. Hopefully, the recent updates will help them win in the upcoming season 10 that will soon go live.

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