Diablo 3 News & Update: Everything About Patch 2.5.0

Players of Diablo 3 are excited for the upcoming patch to be available. However, Blizzard has not yet announced the official release date for the next version. However, developers made some changes to improve the game.

When Will Blizzard Release Patch 2.5.0 For Diablo 3?

The new patch for Diablo 3 is currently available on PTR. According to Mic, Blizzard is not yet done with the patch because there are new features that the developers are still planning to add before it finally arrives. The developer is making sure that patch 2.5.0 will be flawless that is why the developer made it live on PTR servers.

Once the testing is finished, players can comment on the things that they want to remove or improve in the upcoming patch. The developer said that the features will make the game even better.

There are chances that the upcoming patch will be released four to six weeks before it can be available in Diablo 3. Players are hoping that patch 2.5.0 will go live soon because they are excited to see the new features of the game.

Changes Applied In Patch 2.5.0

Blizzard is making the necessary changes for the soon-to-be-released patch for Diablo 3. The Primal Ancients will be rare, in contrast on how the developers have planned it. The player can see the changes in the drop system once they have completed the Greater Rift 70.

Also, there will be different unlocks for normal and hardcore characters in the game. The players can see Primal Ancient items salvaged in 15 Forgotten Souls, while Ancient items are for three Forgotten Souls. Lastly, issues regarding Demon Hunter class and Legacy of Raekor will be fixed.

Hopefully, Blizzard will be able to finish the changes on patch 2.5.0 because some players are getting impatient and are getting excited to see new things in Diablo 3. Players need to wait for the feedback regarding the testing in PTR.

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