'Diablo 3' Guide: Tips In Acquiring Extra XP And More

If the players are not over with Diablo 3, then there are many things that they can do in order to get extra XP, money and golds. Also, there is a secret level that seems like the players have left the game. Fortunately, there are ways on how to get their desired items and enter a whole new world.

Earning Extra XP, Money And Items In Diablo 3

The best way to get extra XP, money and golds in Diablo 3 is easy. The players must do Legacy of Cain: Explore Cellar quest. According to Mic, the cellar is located at Old Ruins and killing Captain Daltyn and his minions will give them the things they want.

Also, once they have killed the Captain, they can also get a magical item and a health potion hidden behind the cauldron. The players can perform the quest repetitively because Captain Daltyn will keep on reappearing in the cellar.

If the players want potions or special items, the players can roam around in Diablo 3. There are scattered chests in the game that will give different items once opened. What players have to do is to reload the saved game to respawn a chest.

Other Exciting Features In Diablo 3

The Whimsyshire is very different from the main game. The level is so colorful and looks like a child's game because of the rainbows and cute things seen in the level. To access the secret level, the players must get Black Mushroom, Leoric's Shinbone, Wirt's Cowbell, Liquid Rainbow, Gibbering Gemstone and Plan for Staff of Herding.

Also, the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC that will be arriving soon in Diablo 3 will make the game more interesting. The characters are a comeback from its prequel. However, there is no official date when will the content be released by Blizzard.

Players are ecstatic whenever they play Diablo 3. That is why Blizzard is planning to update and to focus in the current installment and has no plans on developing another installment.

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