Someone Made An N64 Nintendo Switch Dock And It's Beautiful

Players have begun customizing their Nintendo Switch to make some unique pieces of hardware. Similarly, one fan was able to make a Nintendo 64 dock with the unit sliding in like a game cartridge.

Making A Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Dock

Despite the impressive reviews of Nintendo's latest console, there have been many nitpicks regarding it seemingly cheap dock. Some players have had no trouble switching between the TV and tablet but others claim otherwise. Similarly, some fans have been complaining that the dock easily scratches the tablet's screen, which has urged many fans to invest in a screen protector.

On the other hand, some fans are resorting to making their own solutions like creating their own dock. In line with this, YouTuber Tettzan Zone crafted his own Nintendo 64 Switch dock. Everything is in working order as the video showcases him seamlessly switching between TV and tablet mode. The console goes right into the game slot, which gives his setup the whole feeling of nostalgia.

Limitations And Modding A Broken Console

Digital Trends reports that that YouTuber had no way of repairing his broken console so he decided to make the most out of the parts instead of merely tossing it away. The modification process was done only under a week and he has shared his creation on social media. Unfortunately, he was not able to find a way to fit the Joycons in his modded port as it would be a tight fit. With this in mind, this seems like a great way to recycle old consoles if players have any broken ones.

As for the original dock, Nintendo has responded to the various complaints and urges fans to reach out for official support. So far, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime claims that the team has yet to encounter the said problems that consumers are currently facing. The Nintendo Switch is now available for purchase at various retailers.

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