Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens WWE ‘War’ Will Never End

By Sounak Mukhopadhyay , Mar 31, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

For those who are wondering if Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are still friends, here is an update. The Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens rivalry is not going to end, ever. That's what WWE superstar Zayn claims in a recent interview.

When Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens joined the WWE, they were already enemies. Over time, the enmity between the two has only gone higher. When Zayn came back after a seven-month break due to his shoulder injury, the first thing he did was to pick up a fight with Owens. Now, he says they had a chance to "settle the scores" at Battleground, but things did not happen according to plans.  

"I'm going to wrestle Kevin thousands more times. It's never over," Zayn told Sporting News. "It's never over. It never will be."

The WWE star of Syrian descent says he has seen Tweets and Facebook posts that prove that the rivalry between the two players is never over. The Muslim superstar also said that U.S. President Donald Trump's so-called "Muslim ban" has hurt him personally. His brother, who was born in Syria, is coming to WrestleMania. As he spoke, his brother was on the plane to the U.S. Zayn said he was hopeful that his brother would get across. Syria is one of the seven countries that are banned from traveling to America at the moment.

Sami Zayn earlier confronted Stephanie McMahon for her decision to fire Mick Foley. Zayn's stand for Foley led to a match, which saw McMohan's man Samoa Joe losing the battle. After a week, Stephanie forced him to fight his way to enter WrestleMania 33. Zayn defeated former Universal Champion Kevin Owens and got his way. According to Daily DDT, Zayn is not only going to win his next battle but eliminate Braun Strowman and Big Show as well.

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