USA vs Panama Soccer World Cup Qualifier: Christian Pulisic’s Brilliance Not Enough For USMNT

The United States Men's National Team would have to wait further to quality for the soccer World Cup. It was supposed to qualify automatically, if it won against Panama. However, that's not what happened. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Clint Dempsey became a record goal scorer for his team in World Cup qualifiers, as the USMNT was the one to score first in the match. However, it failed to keep the lead and conceded one. At the end of the match, things look much better for Panama as it reaches the third spot on the table. USA, on the other hand, is still in the fourth position.

Panama was expected to be a tough opposition anyway. Last year, it was really difficult to break down its solid defense. The match was highly physical, but the referee decided to continue the play under any circumstances. Even though it was Dempsey who scored, Fox Sports believes the best player for the USMNT was Christian Pulisic. It was his moment of magic that produced the goal. Even though Panama seemed to have specific goals for him, Pulistic still managed to create brilliant moments in the game.

Things look really tough for the USA at the moment. With zero points from the first two games, the American soccer team had four points from the next two. The next two matches are against Trinidad and Tobago and mighty Mexico. According to The Guardian, the team's performance was "solid not spectacular." The US team had a brilliant show against Honduras, as it won the Friday match 6-0.

The USMNT would have to bring in its best performance in the next two matches. A win against Trinidad and Tobago is a must. However, it might also have to win against Mexico. Things will depend on how other teams perform against one another. For now, US fans would be disappointed.

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