Destiny 2 Might Feature Massive Gameplay Changes; What We Know So Far

Destiny 2 has been finally revealed after several months of rumors and speculations regarding its development. Bungie officially announced the game via an impressive looking CG trailer. However, the trailer has not revealed any gameplay. It highlights the story of the game as Zavala and Cayde-6 gathering the remaining troops following the shattering Cabal attack on the Tower and Last City. Apparently, the video footage shows that players would not instantly become these powerful creatures this time.

As seen on the game's retail description, Cabal leader Ghaul managed to remove the power of the City's guardians causing many to leave as the city fell. Based on this description alone, it is suspected that players will be roaming to other worlds inside the solar system to discover weapons and new combat skills. Ultimately, it leads to bringing the scattered heroes back to battle the Red Legion.

A Reddit user named Tuinybadger mentioned that one of the places that players will go in the upcoming game is Saturn. This is the place where the former Iron Lord Lady Efrideet is hiding along with a group of other Guardians that no longer required the Traveler's light. Through this information, it perhaps requires players to learn those skills while discovering new abilities at the same time through space travel.

According to Game Rant, some fans were disappointed at first knowing that they cannot import their characters from the first Destiny game. Interestingly, the latest trailer showcasing tons of Guardians were killed in the attack might answer the question why players are not allowed to transfer their past characters.

Overall, Destiny 2's upcoming gameplay is entertaining enough for players to find out in the next reveals, which are expected to happen anytime soon. Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on Sept. 8, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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