Destiny 2 Officially Announced; Everything We Know So Far

Rumors around the development of Destiny 2 have been surfacing online over the past week. The leaked promo poster was seen revealing the game's key art and release date. Apparently, it appears that the leaked poster was real. Bungie, on the other hand, finally released the first official teaser image of the game to the public to close things up.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the teaser image was posted on the game's official Twitter page. It highlights the Earth's Last City on fire. It seems like the upcoming game will not be getting any subtitle as seen on the posted still image. As of now, there are no further details about this matter. However, it does show that the previous claims were valid.

Destiny 2 is expected to arrive in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, there seems to be an exclusive PlayStation 4 beta coming aside from the leaked September release date. There are also rumors circulating recently that the upcoming title may arrive at PC. As remembered, the first Destiny game was never released to PC despite the enormous demand for the said platform. It would be the first for the series if the rumors regarding the sequel's potential release on PC were real.

The number of confirmed details regarding Destiny 2 are limited as of now. However, it is expected that both Activision and Bungie are planning to expand the demand of the franchise. The first game received mixed reviews during its launch but got tweaked via several expansions.

With that type of experience, it is expected that the company would already know what to focus on the upcoming sequel. It is also worth noting that players would not be able to transfer the equipment from the first game to the upcoming sequel. It is to maintain the level of playing field in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 still does not have an exact release date, but it is planned to arrive within this year.


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