Heroes Of The Storm Update: New Leak Hints At Upcoming Overwatch Character

A new Heroes of the Storm leak hints that yet another Overwatch hero will be making his way to the Nexus. Similarly, the game's huge update will be bringing in some mechanics to the first-person shooter title.

Overwatch Hero Joining The Nexus?

Redditor heroesofthestorm recently went through the 2.0 beta and discovered an email that tells of the hero Genji becoming a playable character. Similarly, there will also be a new Battleground coming from the aforementioned game as well.

In line with this, there are also a few lines of the source code of the 2.0 reveal page that read as, "Heroes of the Storm is entering a new era with overhauled progression, Loot Chests full of revolutionary rewards, an Overwatch-themed Battleground, and the deadly assassin Genji!" However, it seems like Blizzard has already removed the leak from the source code since its initial discovery.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the new hero and Battlefield will officially unlock on April 17. It is also worth noting that there is a second hero reveal set on May 4 so there is a chance Genji might be revealed then. There have already been a few characters from the shooter that made it to HotS, but there has yet to take a map from the game.

Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 Patch

The 2.0 patch brought in a lot of content while leaving behind some of the less favored features, as per Polygon. Game director Alan Dabri claimed that this is a "bold new era" for the installment as most of the gameplay elements have also been reworked. Some of the new highlights include a progression system, removed hero level caps and a flatter experience curve.

These new changes aim to enhance the gaming experience for current players while also attracting newcomers. Moreover, it seems like Blizzard will continue to support the game by adding new features from their other iconic titles like Overwatch or World of Warcraft. Fans can play Heroes of the Storm for free on the PC.

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