Overwatch Hero Lucio Skates His Way Into Heroes of the Storm, Check Out His Skills

Everyone's favorite freedom fighting Overwatch hero Lucio slides into Heroes of the Storm with some of his interesting and game changing abilities. Make the most of his many moves by learning about his various support skills.

Overwatch Hero Lucio is Checking in the Game

Blizzard players rejoice as yet another character from the first-person team shooter has crossed over into the star-studded multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The gaming studio recently revealed that the Brazillian DJ will join the fight against the other iconic heroes from other franchises. Furthermore, Lucio joins the brawl alongside two other previously announced Overwatch characters, Tracer and Zarya.

Polygon reports that the studio also released a short clip showcasing the skills that the hero can use in-game. Those who have already played Lucio will find that nothing from his original kit has really changed except the addition of a new move. Because of this, players can expect him to shine best when used as a support character in battle.

Study His Various Support Skills

To begin with, Lucio retains his passive Wall Ride (D) ability that he can use to move alongside impassable terrain. Hs movement speed also increases by 20 percent and can be stacked with other similar buffs. Next, his Soundwave (Q) deals damage in a cone-shaped area while having the ability to push enemies back.

The hero also keeps his Crossfade (W) that either speed boosts or heal allies in a large radius around him. Just like in his original game, players can easily swap between the Healing Boost (heals himself and allies every second) or Speed Boost (increases movement speed of himself and allies by 15 percent). Furthermore, players can combine the effects with Amp It Up (E) that can either raise the speed boost to 45 percent of increase the rate of Healing Boost all for the duration of 3 seconds.

That aside, Lucio can also break it down with his Sound Barrier (R) that will grant him and nearby allies with a rapidly decaying shield that lasts for six seconds. Finally, his new move, the Reverse Amp (R), switches around the effects of his Crossfade abilities. Enemy heroes will get damaged every second with Healing Boost or get Slow Movement Speed by 45 percent with Speed Boost.

According to GameSpot, Blizzard has yet to reveal when the hero will be formally available on the main servers. However, players will be able to test him out soon in the public test region of the game. Until then, players can participate in the ongoing Lunar Festival event in the MOBA title.

Fans of the Overwatch hero Lucio can play as him in Blizzard's iconic team shooter along with Tracer and Zarya. Those who have the said game will be able to participate in the Capture the Flag mode to earn some new holiday-themed items. On the other hand, players can download Heroes of the Storm on PC for free.

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