Mobile Legends: Moonton Introduces A New Change In Ranked Matchmaking System

By Kim Chan , Apr 01, 2017 06:43 AM EDT

Mobile Legends' developers, Moonton, will introduce a new patch update, which will change the rank match making system. Albeit subtle, the change could potentially turn the competitive ladder around especially for those that aspire to climb to the top of the ladder. Here's why.

Mobile Legends : Patch 1.1.70

BluePanda reveals all the upcoming changes for patch 1.1.70 and as usual, it shows all the hero rotation for next week (more details below). Furthermore, Yi Sun-shin will be getting two new skins: one is Major General, which costs 269 Diamonds while the other, Onimusha Commander will be available for a limited-time event.

Everything seems quite ordinary except for the "optimization" of the ranked matchmaking system. As shown in the video down below, Moonton announced that "When high-division players and lower-division players team up together to queue, ELO of the team will be calculated more based on the higher-division players."

What Does This Mean?

Usually in MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota 2, the ELO or rank of the team is determined by the average ELO of all party members (adding everyone's ELO and then divided by the total members), however in Mobile Legends, a team's ELO will now be added based on how high the ELO of the top player is. This means that boosting will be a lot more difficult than before. Furthermore, parties that have a huge disparity between ELOs will find a lot stronger opponents than before. It seems that this is Moonton's answer to boosting ranks via party ranked matchmaking.

In other news, many players from the community have stressed their concerns regarding Moonton's servers and how the game, sometimes, becomes virtually unplayable. As shown in this video, the player is suffering from intense lagging not because of internet issues but because of the server's latency. As of the time of this writing, Moonton has yet to provide any statement regarding lag spikes in several areas.

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