'Steven Universe', 'Adventure Time' And Other Shows Greenlit By Cartoon Network

Fans who are worried about the future of the hit animated series created by Rebeca Sugar can now feel a bit at ease as Cartoon Network reportedly renewed "Steven Universe" for another season. Along with "Adventure Time," Power Puff Girls and several other shows, "Steven Universe" was greenlit by the kids' entertainment network last week despite being on another hiatus. This might mean that the remainder of season 4 is not canceled and will come on T.V. soon.

"Steven Universe" is once again on a hiatus since it last aired an episode for season 4 on March 10. The "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" which was supposed to be released on March 23 never came out which sparked countless rumors of the show getting axed. The speculation was also rumored by a lower viewer population compared to its earlier episodes from earlier seasons. While the fans were wondering what happened to the last episodes of season 4, Cartoon Network has not made any comments about "Steven Universe's" future, until last week.

Cartoon Network has reportedly renewed several of its shows which include "Steven Universe." The show has been confirmed to return for the channel's 2017-2018 lineup. It is not yet announced though when the rest of "Steven Universe's" season 4 episodes though are going to be aired, but they were also canceled so far. Some fans are expecting for the current installment to continue after the Easter although CN still needs to confirm the speculations.

Meanwhile, several other shows are returning on Cartoon Network. Another critically acclaimed series that adults are fond of have been asked to render another season to entertain its fans. "Adventure Time" which was announced last year to already have its series finale was given a chance to deliver a miniseries instead.

Other cartoon shows coming to the channel include: "Powerpuff Girls," "We Bare Bears," "Mighty Magiswords," "Go Titans Go" and "The Amazing World of Gumballs." New series are also coming to the network including George Gendi's ("The Amazing World of Gumball") "Apple & Onion," "Craig of the Creek," "Summer Camp Island," "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes," "Ben 10" and "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which already premiered last month.

Furthermore, 20 original console and mobile games were also announced where "Steven Universe: Save The Light" is among the top list. The game will serve as a sequel to the 2015-released mobile title and is slated to be released this coming summer.

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