Cartoon Network Stops Airing New 'Steven Universe'; Cartoon Series On Another Long Hiatus

Fans of "Steven Universe" are getting disappointed as Cartoon Network puts the critically acclaimed kid show on another hiatus. Rebecca Sugar's creation stopped airing new episodes after the "Room for Ruby" story which aired earlier this month. As of late, the T.V. channel has not yet given any word about the real status of the show and fans are only guessing what could have pushed CN to pause "Steven Universe" for the second time around.

Avid followers of "Steven Universe" are once again left without a clue as to why Cartoon Network placed the season 4 on another hiatus. This is not the first time that the current season went on a break as the show mysteriously stopped airing episodes towards the end of 2016. The T.V. channel has then not updated their viewers with the reason behind the pause and "Steven Universe's" creator, Rebecca Sugar, could likewise not explain the incident.

"Steven Universe" stopped airing episodes after "Room for Ruby" aired on March 10. Many fans are then worried as Cartoon Network seems to halt the show very often now without even giving details or reasons. Following the trend, viewers are guessing that the show might go off the air for good without any notice as the cartoon currently suffers from its lowest ratings.

Fans gathered on Reddit have been discussing the mysterious hiatus with some claiming that Cartoon Network is no longer prioritizing "Steven Universe." One of the users even shared a supposed schedule of the CN shows where "Steven Universe" season 4 will still not have any episodes to release in the coming weeks. This is then making most of the fans impatient as the fan favorite show might need to go on another long hiatus.

However, there was also an argument that the channel loves the popular kid show despite it putting "Steven Universe" on a break. In fact, it was given a game version and is now reportedly available for streaming on the Cartoon Network app. The remaining fraction of the cartoon's fans is expecting to see the five remaining episodes of the fourth installment after the Easter break in April which spoilers claim might feature the Steven and the gems visiting the Homeworld.

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